About Us

Coastal Shipping – Sudan :

We are A privately -owned licensed shipping company (established 2005) working in shipping and shipping-related undertakings ever-service.we enjoy excellent status due to firm food hold we have secured among the competitors in the shipping sector in relatively short period of time .we are keen to hold firmly on our hard-won position,determined to progress and expand , without being put off by any obstacles encountered . There are no limits to which we wouldn’t go to develop and grow by defying where odds and remaining a reliable partner to any willing business -partner .Our young staff are the driving force behind our success ,because the possess accumulative experience ,are responsible ,delivered stratification to our designated client’s,which include business name quite renowned the world e.g .






Our wide range of service under-one umbrella provide our customers with all their needs in Sudan in one stop stations.

Corporate Office

Port Sudan-Sudan -Sweet Corner Marine Building – Port Sudan stadium street ,1st floor

Phone: +249912936589

Email: shipping@coastalsudan.com|