Our range of food and beverage supplies is almost infinite: From local products to a huge range of specialties from abroad. Through our experinces team we ensure high quality standards. In order to ensure best quality and we buy local specialities and fresh produce on the spot from local suppliers.

Cabin Stores

For the vessels’ Galleys and Cabins we provide your needs from glass to spoons,
plates to saucepans, all kind of kitchen equipment or cloth and linen products. all kinds of standard cleaning products as there are chemicals,
laundry cleaner or even vacuum cleaner.
Global purchasing and strong experience of our staff ensure high quality products .

Bonded Stores

at Coastal Supply we supply a broad range of bonded stores:
Whether for a merchant ships’ slop chest or a well-assorted duty-free shop on a cruise liner.
The scope covers all kinds of chocolates, sweets, and snacks .
All kinds of soft-drinks included non-alcoholic beverages up to the highest standards for the ships and cruise ships.

Ship Supply

Coastal Supply is your shipchandlery suppliers in all Sudan ports :
Port Sudan quays ,Sawakin ports , Bashayer terminals and Elkair terminal.
We are among the best shipchandler choice in Sudanese ports.
We supply and source wide range of supply services at one stop from provisions, Ship sapre, bunkering Services and surveying services plus ordinary ship agency and husbandry services
Thank you for choosing Coastal Supply Set-up.